Getting to Know Us
Welcome to No Fracking Way. We are a leading voice in campaigning against unconventional gas and fracking. Fracking can be dangerous to the soils. Unconventional gas and fracking pose severe risks to lands. There is a need to check this trend of fracking and the best way to call attention to the area is through effective campaigns. We understand all about fracking and unconventional gas and we aim to spread this knowledge to various communities so that we can spur regulations to check fracking. Silence won’t help us get the desired results. We have been organising various campaigns and using different strategies to enlighten communities on the danger of fracking and also calling the attention of stakeholders to the issue. Our objective is to ensure frameworks are developed to check fracking, protect our lands, and protect our people. We devise a range of strategies for enlightenment, from lectures to gatherings. You can join us in lending a voice to this issue before it becomes more complex.

Our Mission

To enlighten the community and bring the attention of stakeholders to the issue of unconventional gas and fracking.

Our Values

We have various values which guide the way we operate and perform our campaigns


Our objective is to enlighten the community and call the attention of all to unconventional gas and fracking. By enlightening communities, we can increase the levels of agitation on the issue. There is a need for increased agitation on the issue so that communities can understand the effects of fracking and how it damages lands. This will help spur meaningful reactions that can lead to regulations to check fracking.


We organise different programs to achieve our objectives. We do community outreach and also organise sessions where people can learn all they need to know. We have examined and acquired all the things community members need to know. Through our programs, we are able to transfer this knowledge to others, so we can meet our objectives. We also discuss fracking laws, the gaps, and the implementation issues which lead to certain organisations not abiding by the laws.

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