Coal Mines

The Impacts of Coal Mines
There is a need to take actions to ensure that coal companies do not betray their promises of not mining on lands. Coal mining on lands and underwater has affected different communities and their safety. There is a need to work against this and take reasonable actions that can put a stop to it. Legal actions are ongoing against some coal companies, but this has still not caused some coal companies to stop their mining activities. The continued mining on the lands put the communities at risk and it is only by collectively putting voices together that the companies can be held accountable. There are a few coal mines that need to be examined with regard to the risk they have been posing to communities. This puts in perspective the need to have a concerted effort towards ensuring that companies abide by the regulations to not mine or frack unscrupulously.

Queensland Coal Mines

The coal mines in this area keep expanding and it continues to threaten the lands, water, and everything related. This affects important water resources, the famous natural areas, and some of the most important farmlands to the state. The presence of coal mines and their unchecked mining complicates the problems and makes communities more exposed to health risks. The Acland coal has been having mining activities on farmlands. There has been a ruling which rejected the mining project on the lands. The ruling was remarkable in that it sought to put a stop to the mining and safeguard communities. However, despite the ruling, the community finds it difficult to keep Acland Coal off mining on the lands. These are the problems that communities face with coal companies. Many refuse to follow court orders and still find a way to continue their mining projects on the land, which not only threatens the health of community members, but also their source of water and several other things.

Nasmoi Coal Mines

The Nasmoi Valley contains some of the most impressive farmlands in the state. As a result of this, coal companies have seen the lands as fertile places for their mining projects. This has gone on for long. One of such projects is the Watermark mining project, which poses health risks to the farmlands and the communities. This is the land that the surrounding farmers and community members rely on for their food. The continued mining and fracking has compromised the lands and, if continued, will make matters worse for the communities. This makes it important that the community comes together to have more collaborative efforts to combat these companies. Farmlands and water sources are being threatened and this threatens even the existence of communities. In the absence of fertile farmlands, communities can’t farm and make food, which makes it difficult to survive. There is a need to seek court orders that will put the activities to stop and protect the interests of the communities.

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