Why is Fracking Bad?

Effects of Fracking

We cannot overstate why the sanctity of the environment must be maintained. Although varying degrees of damage have been done over the years by different man-made activities, the resulting threat has never been more serious than now. The earth is being pressured in ways that one could never have imagined several hundred years ago. Heavy machines work their way through the earth leaving deep cracks that will last for many years to come. Entire landscapes are being out in danger so that commercial ends can be served. Biodiversity dies off in huge numbers, and innocent populations will have to suffer the long-term effects of these high-end activities.
Put more specifically, the effects of Fracking are such that inhabitants of the area surrounding the fields face health risks from the activity. In the process of exhuming gas or oil to the surface, there is a release of harmful substances into the atmosphere due to the flaring that occurs at that particular moment. These have far-reaching impacts as it contributes immensely to greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. These gases go on to weaken the earth’s resistance to ultraviolet rays and gradually expose us to unusually high levels of heat and unpredictable rainfall patterns. The dire effects reflect on the agricultural sector from which Australia procures huge revenue sums. In the long run, we have severe complications from farming, an Australian habit. More lands become more difficult to cultivate. The difficulty increases the pressure on farmers to use fertilizers to increase crop growth as against best interests. The fertilizer use has further effects on the environment by worsening soil conditions and killing off fish in the rivers. Therefore, we find a long chain of consequences that goes on and on into other sectors. A single act against ecological integrity eventually breeds more actions that worsen the storyline.
Another effect of Fracking is the contamination of drinking water. The chemicals used during the process remain in the soil and travel on into locations where there is water. This pollutes the water available for people to drink. When people drink it, it causes health problems to the body. It also makes available drinking water scarcer as contamination implies that it is ruled out as a viable water source. Risks are posed to adults and even babies just by the consumption of this water. Living becomes hard for people to do. Alternative sources of water are sought putting a strain on available water resources. The contamination of the soil also makes it difficult for food to be grown on that soil. Healthy foods have already been compromised by the corrupted depths of the soil. Sicknesses spread from eating these foods and again, a fresh problem is created. Gradually, these little effects begin to have wider economic significance. Their impacts start to manifest in the form of strains on the broader economy. Instead of the prosperity that fracturing promised therefore, a complete reversal of scenarios is what is achieved. The country gets more problems on its hands than progress from dangerously splitting shapes for succulent gas.

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