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We are a leading voice in campaigning against unconventional gas and fracking.
Fracking can be dangerous to the soils. Unconventional gas and fracking pose severe risks to lands. There is a need to check this trend of fracking and the best way to call attention to the area is through effective campaigns. We understand all about fracking and unconventional gas and we aim to spread this knowledge to various communities so that we can spur regulations to check fracking. Silence won’t help us get the desired results. We have been organising various campaigns and using different strategies to enlighten communities on the danger of fracking and also calling the attention of stakeholders to the issue. Our objective is to ensure frameworks are developed to check fracking, protect our lands, and protect our people. We devise a range of strategies for enlightenment, from lectures to gatherings. You can join us in lending a voice to this issue before it becomes more complex.

What is Fracking

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Fracking Laws

An ordered society is crucial to maintaining the sanctity of life. The natural instincts of people are tilted towards acting on the basis of self-interest. These interests do not have to align with what is best for all but can take flight so long as they serve personal good. In our ecosystem, laws are instruments which are central to guarding against the propagation of self-interest as opposed to the common good.

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Why is Fracking Bad?

We cannot overstate why the sanctity of the environment must be maintained. Although varying degrees of damage have been done over the years by different man-made activities, the resulting threat has never been more serious than now. The earth is being pressured in ways that one could never have imagined several hundred years ago. Heavy machines work their way through the earth leaving deep cracks that will last for many years to come.


Volunteers are integral parts of any organization that works for the common interest. They are key to spearheading any efforts made at boosting an important ideal. At No Fracking Way, volunteers are needed to ensure that the organization goals are met. You are an indispensable factor in helping us to achieve our goal. There are lots of benefits you can get from volunteering with us.

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Gas Fields

Gas fields are usually the primary focus of the hydraulic fracturing technique. Fracking has seen the most popular use on gas fields in years past. The use of Fracking as a method of extraction goes as far back as more than sixty years ago. It has seen massive use in the sector due to the vast outputs it produces. It is a particularly attractive option to the government due to the wider economic opportunities that it possesses. It is quite lucrative to operators in the extraction-based industry.

Coal Mines

There is a need to take actions to ensure that coal companies do not betray their promises of not mining on lands. Coal mining on lands and underwater has affected different communities and their safety. There is a need to work against this and take reasonable actions that can put a stop to it. Legal actions are ongoing against some coal companies, but this has still not caused some coal companies to stop their mining activities.

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